Why practice?

So you’ve invested in the year long course, you’ve bought the new tools and attended all the weekends with the senior teacher.
Now you’re trying to work the new ideas and treatment options into your clinic days.
How’s that going when you’ve got a good rapport and the clients know what to expect - how often do you get try something new?
There’s the rub, it’s not so great to be trying out new techniques and tools with our clients until we’ve really had time to practice, to explore what we’re doing and to make mistakes along the way.

Regular group practice is foundational for implementing the subtle skills of Japanese meridian therapy.
In Japan they developed a method of training called Kozato whereby the pulse is monitored whilst the technique is carried out - the person practising the technique receives feedback at each stage about the pulse quality and they learn to feel what is happening with greater clarity.
I’ve participated in meridian therapy practice groups here as well as in Japan, the UK and Europe since 2004.
Every time it’s so refreshing to be in a group with a whole range of experience - from new graduates to senior teachers with 30 plus years experience.
In a willing and humble way each participant starts again, with point location, needle practice and sho selection.
There are no experts in group practice, only curious practitioners, as we investigate what happens to the pulse when I touch the point or adjust my posture?
This embodied learning is what makes all the difference to implementing new skills and building confidence and clarity about what you feel.

I hope you’ll join me to deepen your meridian therapy practice.

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