I facilitate practice groups for shiatsu practitioners to guide and assist integration of Japanese meridian therapy and moxibustion skills.
I bring my enthusiasm for the classical texts of Traditional East Asian Medicine and practical clinical experience.

My main teacher is Paul Movsessian and I’ve been fortunate to study with him since 2003.
I’ve also trained with senior Japanese teachers, participated in regular practice groups and advanced training in Europe, the UK and Japan.

A foundational influence on my work has been spending 8 years studying Healing Shiatsu, embodiment and meditation with Sonia Moriceau in the UK.
I’ve practiced the Taoist arts of qigong and tai chi for over twenty years and teach some of the relevant practices to students to enhance clinical skills.
I originally studied philosophy, in particular the history of science as it relates to the current environmental crisis, this led me to training in healing arts and the continued exploration of embodiment as a path to contribute to new possibilities for the future.

The pillars of contemplation, embodiment practices and a enthusiasm for lifelong learning all support and inform my facilitation and mentoring.

I look forward to practicing with you soon.